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Some Basic Penis Enlargement Exercises

These are few free penis enlargement techniques which have kindly been provided by various natural enlargement sites. These exercises ARE very basic and obviously will not yield much in the way of results on their own. There are 2 exercises here and the site that we recommend for natural penis enlargement contains 30 exercises. Obviously the exercises below do not come with any videos or pictures.

Warm up exercises - To increase blood flow into penis.

Get a rag or small towel. Wet it with warm water until it is soaked at a hot but comfortable temperature. Wrap the cloth around your penis and testicles. This might feel a bit strange and painful, but this ends quickly enough.

Keep the cloth or towel in place for approximately 1 minute. After 1 minute, wet the cloth again and repeat the procedure. If you feel you are ready to exercise after 2-3 minutes continue with your workout. If not then re-apply the technique until you are loose enough and ready to continue with your workout.

The warm-up is essential. Never miss the warm-up.

  • Obtain a small hand towel.
  • Wet this hand towel using warm water.
  • Place the hand towel around your penis.
  • Wet the towel again to keep the warmth.
  • Leave the hand towel on the penis for 2-3 minutes.
  • Remove the towel and perform workout.
  • Re-heat the towel after workout.
  • Apply the towel to the penis for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Always use the same towel for hygiene reasons.
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    The very basic stretching exercise

    After the warm, make sure that your penis is completely limp and flaccid. it is hard to perform these exercises if you have an erect penis. Hold the head of the penis in your hand (if there is foreskin then pull this back). Then stretch it out directly in front of you, holding it for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the action 4 or 5 times. After that, relax your penis and massage the head to restore normal circulation. This method applies to stretching up and down.

    Now, take your penis firmly in your hand and pull the penis to the right. Pull it to the right until you can feel a pressure on the left side of your penis. Hold it for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times. Afterwards, massage the head to restore circulation. After you have completed this, repeat the exercise only this time pulling to the left not the right.

    Don't get alarmed if you feel a good amount of stretch - this is normal. If you have a foreskin then pull this back then do the stretch so you are stretching the penis and not the skin. Take your time in progressing- being too adventurous could result in unwanted injury. The exercises should be performed for either desired number of reps or allocated time.

    Exercise in a nut-sack:

  • As per usual warm up thoroughly.
  • Grasp the tip of your penis firmly, below the head.
  • Pull it out in front of you and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.
  • Relax and gently massage head of penis.
  • Stretch penis to right and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Relax and massage head of penis.
  • Stretch penis to left and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Always repeat for desired number of reps.

  • We can not take any responsibility for these exercises. They are very basic exercises but without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous, use at your own risk.

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    Here are some very basic penis exercises that have worked for many people and could work for you.